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Welcome to Technisaur

This is an era where we face challenges on daily basis. These challenges help us improve and stay up to date and therefore we will give our customers an experience that they’ve never had before. We are here to help you with your individual needs, we customize our training as per your need. We are flexible in the delivery of the training as well. You can select if you want it face-to-face (TechniLive) or TechniCloud (Online). We are all ready to help you.

We also specialise in providing our services to the RTOs in developing course material and get it approved by ASQA. We help you design a new course, modify it or restructure it.

Our Mission


We aim to provide an edge in IT Trainings. We focus on the customers’ needs, price, delivery of quality training and most importantly the experience our customers will cherish for lifetime.

We customise our trainings according to our customers need and deliver them with passion and experience. You prefer a face-to-face (TechniLive) or want to do it online (TechniCloud), we guarantee the quality of the delivery.

Our Visions


To make TechniSaur an international organization by bringing Trainers and Industry experts worldwide together where they can collaborate, grow and create a unique learning environment.

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A Message from the Director

 It is the world where we come across different challenges. It’s the survival of the fittest, so if we want to make an impression and stay in the market, we have to always maintain the quality of our services and never let our customer lose their smile.

 Where there is a will there is a way. If you have a problem, there is always a solution…Focus, honesty and hard work is all that takes to be successful. We are here to satisfy you, there will always be a door open for our customers/clients. Never hesitate to step in and let us know what you want. You will always find us with something that is just right for you/ your business.

 Asmaa Fakhar Awan

Director Technisaur

MBA (IT), BBA (IT), Cert IV ES

Our Ways

Our Methodology

We aim to have happy and satisfied clients, for which we provide :

Best instructors :

We have a team of experienced trainers who are qualified, professional and leaders in their field.

Best Courseware Guarantee :

We develop our own courseware with updated Lab steps, which guarantees the latest version of the training according to the customers’ needs.

Best Price Guarantee :

Lowest prices! Get 10% less than invoice. ​

Go TechniLive or TechniCloud :

We have it all set for you whether you want to have it TechniLive (face-to-face) in a professional environment or have it TechniCloud (Online) and benefit with our expert instructors anywhere in the world from the comfort of your den.

Lifetime Retake Guaranteed* :

Free retakes for the life of the product

Refresh yourself on the field** :

We offer different packages that allow you to make the best choice as per your needs and requirements.
1. ​Refresh yourself : running tea, coffee and drinks.
2. Refuel yourself : Refresh +basic lunch
3. Revive yourself : Refuel + 3 course meal

*Terms and Conditions apply

**There will be no difference in terms of the course being taught



Our Clients